Hi my name is Briani Carillo, owner and designer of Laʻikū Hawaiʻi. I am a mother of 2 and currently reside on the island of Maui, HI. My inspiration to start this business grew from my passion for fashion and design. It was always a dream of mine to create my own clothing line, but I was never able to pursue it until now. COVID-19 has given me a lot of time on my hands to pursue this aspiration. I resorted to making cloth masks and handmade accessories to help keep my family afloat. During this pandemic, I pondered the idea of starting my own clothing line inspired by tropical plants and nature around me. My intentions were to design my own prints and have my own line of sustainable & eco friendly products (swimwear, clothing accessories etc). Originally, my plan was to start this business back in May but I got swamped with face mask orders and had to push my dreams aside. Itʻs been put off for a few months, but now I finally get to share my creations with all of you❤️